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stone pendants

stone pendant

snow flake obsidian pendant

snow flake obsidian pendant is black with white/light grey. this is a tear drop shap...

Details $ 24.00

purple turquoise pendant

purple turquoise streaked with golden pyrite and sprinkled with blue turquoise size...

Details $ 28.00

labradorite pendant

this labradorite stone pendant is grey with flashes of a glowing purple, blue and ra...

Details $ 35.00

green turquoise pendant

sterling silver pendant with green turquoise streaked with golden  pyrite. size is 1...

Details $ 28.00

fordite pendant

this fordite stone pendant has vertical stripes of denim blue, tan, orange and green...

Details $ 24.00

ruby zoisite pendant

ruby zoisite is rough ruby in the green, zoisite that it is formed in, so ruby in it...

Details $ 35.00

orbicular jasper pendant

orbicular jasper pendant oval in shape, olive green with with orb shapes of white/li...

Details $ 40.00